Dec 08, 2020 · To use FallUI, you'll also need DEF_UI (opens in new tab) (a customizable UI mod that FallUI is based on) and the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) mod (which itself needs Fallout 4 Script Extender .... 2.1 DEF_UI & DEF_UI Iconlibs Rescaled and Fixed; 2.2 Improved Map with Visible Roads; 2.3 Sattellite World Map; 2.4 HUD Framework; 2.5 Full Dialogue Interface; 2.6 Cartographers Map Markers (Fallout4 Edition) CMM 2.7 Floating Damage; 2.8 Immersive HUD; 2.9 Survival Stats Widget; 2.10 Fallout 4 Wheel Menu; 3 Gameplay. 3.1 Lowered Weapons; 3.2 .... Jun 11, 2020 · Custom HUD preset to be used with DEF UI, two options meant to give the HUD a unique aesthetic and free up much of the screen.. "/>Fallout 4 def ui